Robert J. Pera

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Pera founded our company and has served as our chief executive officer since October 2003.  From January 2003 to February 2005, Mr. Pera was a wireless engineer at Apple Inc.  Mr. Pera graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in Japanese Language, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering (emphasis in Digital Communications / RF Circuit Design).

John Sanford

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Sanford served as a consultant to us from September 2007 to April 2010 and has served as our chief technology officer since May 2010. From August 2003 to July 2007, Dr. Sanford was chief technology officer of Cushcraft Corporation/Laird Technologies, a company specializing in antenna design and manufacturing. From April 2003 to August 2003, Dr. Sanford served as president of Optimal RF, Inc., a private antenna design company. From March 1999 to August 2003, Dr. Sanford served as the chief technical officer of REMEC, Inc, a communications equipment company, and served in various other capacities including head of engineering of Northern California operations and general manager of the Fixed Wireless (WiMAX) Division. From January 1997 until February 1999, Dr. Sanford served as president of Smartwaves International, a wireless communications company, which was acquired by REMEC in February 1999. From June 1993 to November 1996, he was a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology. From 1988 through 1993, Dr. Sanford headed the Mobile Tower Top Group at Huber & Suhner AG. From 1985 to 1988, he was a research engineer and group manager with the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Dr. Sanford holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, an M.S. in physics from Georgia State University and a Ph.D. in Electromagnetics from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. Dr. Sanford also received a Docent from Chalmers University.

Benjamin Moore

Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Moore has served as our vice president, business development since May 2008. From February 2007 to April 2008, Mr. Moore served as a product manager in the IAS group within Laird Technologies. From June 2005 until February 2007, Mr. Moore served as a sales manager within Cushcraft Corporation until its acquisition by Laird Technologies. From April 2000 to June 2005, Mr. Moore served as general manager of Pacific Wireless, an antenna design company, until its acquisition by Cushcraft Corporation. Mr. Moore holds a B.A. in Business Management from Utah Valley University.